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We empower active multifamily real estate investors through experiences and networking that accelerate results.

The REV Multifamily Meetup is focused on empowering individuals to take action in multifamily real estate by providing education, high caliber networking, and opportunities to surrounding yourself with other like-minded people. With new Meetup Chapters springing up around the country, you’ll be plugged into a quality network of multifamily professionals either looking to passively invest or grow their portfolios.

We help empower active multifamily real estate investors through experiences and networking that accelerates results. Through our strategically organized services, you will enjoy a network of other active investors that are all striving to achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate cash flow and appreciation.

From weekly mastermind calls to learning how to efficiently and effectively analyze multifamily properties, REV has the team and resources to assist you in your active pursuits of creating legacy wealth through real estate investing.

Industry Experience


Passive Investment Opportunities

REV generates effortless returns for real estate investors by focusing on developing and purchasing tangible assets, specializing in multifamily and self-storage real estate.

Multifamily Education & Networking

Join us every month at the largest monthly real estate investment gathering in Arizona focused exclusively on apartment investing.

Real Estate

Join us for weekly calls with other experts in the real estate industry to ensure that your momentum leads to results.

REV Deal Analysis Accelerator

This course is perfect for the beginner or intermediate level investor looking to build confidence in the process, timeline, and structure of multifamily investments

REV Multifamily

Network with like-minded individuals and connect with others that currently own multifamily real estate. Learn from experts in the property investment industry


Fully immersive, multi-day, all-inclusive networking experience designed to push you out of your comfort zone, build trust and deepen network relationships held a few times a year in various parts of the country and world.


New Chapters Opening Soon!

Are YOU Ready to Become a REV Multifamily Chapter Leader? 

Using the same strategies and techniques used to become the largest meetup in Arizona, REV’s vision is to create the largest nationwide network focused exclusively on multifamily real estate through partnering with others also interested in organizing monthly educational and networking events.


Join our Phoenix Chapter of the REV Multi-Family Meetup each month.


Join our Albuquerque Chapter of the REV Multi-Family Meetup each month.


Join our Tucson Chapter of the REV Multi-Family Meetup each month.


Join our Denver Chapter of the REV Multi-Family Meetup each month.


Join our San Antonio Chapter of the REV Multi-Family Meetup each month.


Join our Team of Multifamily Investors! Host A Meetup In Your City!

About Us

Why Learn With Us

At REV, we work with financially savvy individuals who are concerned about the volatility and unpredictability of the current stock market, need an expert to manage their passive investments intangible assets that have predictable growth, and want to be in control of their long term wealth, retirement and investments.

Who Should Join

Anyone! Joining the REV group means you are serious about cultivating your knowledge of investing, have a passion to earn income, and are dedicated to your goals. From beginner to advanced, we believe everyone can learn something from the network.



Rev’s core focus is to empower multifamily investors through experiences and networking.. Whether you’re a passive investor looking for effortless returns or looking to begin your own investment property portfolio, REV is here for the entire process.



Through market research and strategic partnerships, REV identifies opportunities, all while investors are accruing a return. REV is an Arizona based company and focuses on development and acquisitions in and around the Phoenix & Tucson markets